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Dassy Cesar Two-tone polo shirt

£14.63 inc.vat

Dassy Boston Decorators Trousers Two-tone work trousers with knee pockets

£37.19 inc.vat

Type 5 & 6 Disposable Boiler Suit

£6.54 inc.vat

Blackrock Coverall Suit – Disposable Boiler Suit XL

£3.83 inc.vat

Prodec Painters Shorts

£19.99 inc.vat

Dassy Triton Cap Velcro Beige

£4.98 inc.vat

Dassy Triton Cap Velcro Black

£4.98 inc.vat

Blackrock – Chukka Boot Safety Boot

£17.10 inc.vat

Fit For The Job – Decorators Apron

£9.87 inc.vat

Blackrock Contractor Knee Pads Strapon

£7.45 inc.vat

Prodec Foam internal knee pads

£5.49 inc.vat

Blackrock High Vis Waistcoat Vest

£2.75 inc.vat

Dassy Seattle Two-tone work trousers with multi-pockets and knee pockets

£38.99 inc.vat

Dassy Cratos Certified knee pads (Type 2, level 1)

£9.17 inc.vat

Dassy Orbital Polo Shirt

£17.13 inc.vat

Dassy Basiel Two-tone sweatshirt

£21.59 inc.vat

Rodo Prodec Decorators Trousers

£15.47 inc.vat

Rodo Prodec Bib & Brace

£16.70 inc.vat

Dassy Monza Decorators Shorts

£33.59 inc.vat